Blockchain Tools

Decentralized Tools #

Analysis and Monitoring #

DEXscreener serves as a counterpart to Tradingview for onchain currencies. Users can create accounts, watchlists, set alerts, view charts, and track contracts, among other functionalities. However, caution is advised due to occasional instances of incorrect links. Another notable platform is DEX Tools, which offers similar features albeit with a slightly more complex interface.

Token Terminal is an analysis platform with extensive capabilities for tracking data beyond mere currencies, allowing users to comprehend movements across sectors, dApps, marketplaces, blockchains, and more.

Dune is a data aggregation platform geared towards analysis, akin to Token Terminal but with enhanced social interaction features, advanced functions, and a wider array of charts and user configurations. functions as both a data aggregator and a tool for tracking onchain transactions, wallets, and tokens across various chains.

Arkham Intelligence specializes in wallet tracking, establishing connections between wallets, generating information dashboards spanning chains, users, projects, and more. It boasts extensive visualization and deep-dive options.

Zerion offers a platform for tracking wallets, particularly useful for monitoring significant wallets, whales, etc., providing notifications and the option to integrate/create custom wallets.

Network Explorers #

To track transactions, users, movements, and other activities within a network, each network has its respective scan:

Anti-Scam Measures #

To prevent scams, it is crucial to verify the project’s website, its X account, or its Telegram channel to find the appropriate token contract address. This address can then be pasted into a wallet/DEX for purchasing or into DEXtools for analysis. Tools such as Token Sniffer can be instrumental, revealing a token’s characteristics and providing insights into potential programming issues.

Telegram bots are invaluable for swiftly obtaining information about a coin. Users can create private Telegram groups and add bots to receive information promptly. Recommended bots for tracking tokens on Ethereum, Solana, and Base networks include:

Wallets #

Hardware or Cold Wallets #

Various types of wallets exist, including hardware options like Ledger and Trezor, which offer an additional layer of security by requiring a USB key to access wallet operations. These wallets are highly recommended for managing significant amounts of cryptocurrencies securely, outside of exchanges or with additional security layers compared to software options.

Wallets Software #

Regarding software, there are many options available, but in practical terms, multichain wallets are recommended, as they allow connection to different networks. Generally, these wallets function as browser extensions for desktop or as smartphone apps and charge fees for onchain processes.

  • Rainbow – This is currently used for networks like Base and Ethereum. It’s fast, user-friendly, and practical for connecting to various networks.
  • MetaMask – Perhaps the most popular wallet, with a large user base, but with a slightly more outdated interface compared to others on the list. It’s multichain and quite versatile for various onchain tasks.
  • Phantom – More limited in connecting to multiple networks but popular as a Solana wallet.
  • Coinbase Wallet – Recently launched, multichain, and popularized by the Base network. It’s from Coinbase, a centralized company.
  • Uniswap Wallet – It’s somewhat more limited than the others, but since it comes from the most important swap, it’s worth considering. It’s fast and economical in terms of fees.

Wallets on Telegram #

To carry out onchain tasks more quickly and easily, there are Telegram bots that function as wallets and buying and selling systems connected to popular networks like Ethereum, Solana, and Base, charging fees similar to software wallets. Some of the best-known Telegram bots:

  • Ethereum and Base: MaestroBot and Unibot are among the most popular, along with Banana Gun which is multichain, and Sigma is another mainly used in Base.
  • Solana: Trojan (the most comprehensive, sometimes a bit slow), BONKbot (similar to Trojan), and Pepeboost (the simplest and fastest).

Trading on DEX #

To exchange coins, decentralized exchanges or DEXes are used, where liquidity pools are found, and where the wallet connects to exchange or swap. This can be done from the convert section in the wallet, or by accessing a DEX through its internal browser to purchase the contract of the specific currency.

Major Swaps/Liquidity Platforms #

Advanced DEXes #

  • Photon – Trading platform for Solana, with advanced chart options, tables, and orders
  • dYdX – The largest decentralized derivatives exchange, similar to a CEX but on Cosmos. Token DYDX
  • GNS – gTrade platform focused on leverage, based on Polygon/Arbitrum, currency GNS.
  • GMX – DEX without slippage with an attractive commission system for liquidity providers (token GLP)

NFTs #

There are many NFT collection exchange stores as well as independent minting sites or galleries and limited art pieces. Among the main ones:

  • Blur – NFT platform on Ethereum focused on trading
  • Magic Eden – Multichain, fresh, curated
  • Open Sea – Multichain, veteran, immense, has lost strength in recent years
  • Tensor – Popular marketplace on the Solana network
  • Foundation – Multichain, mainly for creators
  • SuperRare – More curated, focused on crypto art
  • Exchange Art – Similar to Foundation/SuperRare but based on Solana
  • Gamma – Similar to Foundation/SuperRare but based on Bitcoin
  • Objkt – Leading marketplace on the Tezos network
  • Zora – Broad platform with strong community support
  • Manifold – Platform for web3 development and NFTs
  • Deca – Focused on generative art and art experiences in the metaverse
  • Rarible – General aggregator with reward system
  • Nifty Gateway – Focused on collections, galleries, and experiences
  • Looks Rare – General NFT market, has its LOOKS token
  • Wild – NFT platform focused on artists, communities, and interaction
  • fx(hash) – Platform focused on generative art

Centralized Tools #

  • For trading: MEXC, ByBit, or Binance are the main ones we’ve used. Currently, mainly MEXC, is another interesting one, especially because it lists runes early. LBank is another, a bit more elusive but interesting as it adds rare memecoins.
  • For technical analysis: TradingView. Free, create an account and you can have your lists of coins and indicators.
  • For information about coins and projects: CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. CoinGecko is recommended.
  • For signals, following important agents, news, and crypto culture in general, the network is X and Warpcast

Networks #

The most used social networks in the crypto world are X, Telegram, and Discord, as well as recent additions of decentralized social networks like Farcaster and

The crypto space on X is called CT or CryptoTwitter and encompasses all discussions, news, profiles, etc. related to crypto, which is one of the main sectors of X. There you can find traders, influencers, projects, spaces, lists, instant news, etc. Some important accounts for news and major movements on X:

News #

Although with the aforementioned networks, reliable and fast sources are already available, there are also other news aggregator services like Tree News and CryptoPanic.

For informational media, CoinDesk, Decrypt, The Defiant, CoinGecko, Bankless